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If you are a registered equine professional based in the UK, you can sign up to upgrade your membership account for only £110+VAT* annually. That’s less than £10 per month.

Benefits of Premium Membership:

  • Customers looking at reviews of your product or service are just one click away from your contact details and website.
  • The profile enables anyone reading the reviews about your product or service to contact you either by phone, email or website.
  • You can display special offers for Equestrian Reviewer members.

But isn’t my business already listed on Equestrian Reviewer?

Yes, it may already be listed but the basic listing doesn’t include any contact details or profile information about your business.

  • Create and manage your own professional profile, including the ability to add contact details and social media links and to select which regions you want your profile to show up in
  • You can also review all comments and reviews posted by the community and directly reply to manage both positive and negative feedback

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Who can join?

Equestrian Reviewer is all about promoting best practice, customer service and professional excellence within the equine sector. As a result, we can only include those registered with an associated professional body. For example, all farriers must be registered with the Farriers Registration Council, and equine physiotherapists need to be registered with the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists, or the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy.

*Excludes companies operating within insurance sector. Fee for insurance companies is @ £1100+VAT per annum