• Tips for writing great reviews

    Posted 3 years ago

    Sharing your knowledge and experience with other horse owners will help them find the products and services that are right for them and their horse(s).

    Here are a few suggestions:

    • Be informative: Highlight what you liked and/or didn’t like about the product/service. Describe what other users will be likely to experience.
    • Be genuine and honest: Write about your own experience, and try to be as accurate as possible.
    • Be respectful: Not every experience is going to be 100% perfect. Sometimes you’ll want to share negative feedback. Even if you may be a little bit frustrated, make sure your criticism is constructive, especially as most businesses will want to use customer feedback to make improvements.
    • Be creative and have fun: People will pay attention when you write thoughtful and insightful reviews.
    • Choose the right length: Not too short that it doesn’t give enough information, but then not so long that it takes a long time to read. A paragraph is great.

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